Aishwarya Verma AIR 4, CSE'21 UPSC Notes and Resources

Aishwarya Verma AIR 4, CSE'21 UPSC Notes and Resources

Aishwarya Verma secured the fourth rank in the 2021 UPSC CSE. Here you can find his notes and resources and download them.

Aishwarya Verma GS3- Science and Tech Notes

Aishwarya Verma bagged the fourth all-India rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021 by scoring 1039 marks out of 2025. He comes from a middle-class background and his father works in the banking sector.

Aishwarya’s road to success was not smooth but rather quite struggling. He mentioned, “My resume was blank. If civil service didn’t work out, I might had to struggle for a stable career. I was very confident after my third attempt but couldn’t succeed. That was my weakest time but my parents came to the rescue. They always assured me that I should go ahead, and they would support me in all ways”.

In his fourth attempt, He took Vision-GS and Abhyas, SOMP hurricane batch for the Mains Test series. His primary source for current affairs and value addition was the newspaper, Vision PT and Mains 365 booklets (selectively), and Sunya ias value addition material.

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