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Detailed plans for UPSC preparation with Daily Targets

Indian Economy Handbook - 1st Edition

This Handbook is a part of our Prelims 360 course and has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

This is a concise handbook for Indian Economy, which includes PYQs after each chapter and provides to the point information to understand economics and score well in both UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains.

CSAT 2023 Marks Distribution

CSAT23 Marks Distribution -
CSAT Topics CSAT 2023 Marks Distribution Maths,LR,Comprehension 34,19,27 Topic,CSAT23,Number system,Questions Number System,17,Basic maths,7,Odd/Even,Prime/Composite,Counting P&C,9,Remainders,6 Mensuration,4,Sequence/Series,2 Time & Work,3,Powers & exponents,1 Compound interest,1,HCF/LCM,1 Total,34

100 Days Plan for UPSC Prelims 2024

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