UPSC Preparation Plans

Detailed plans for UPSC preparation with Daily Targets


  1. Open sheet from link below.
  2. Go to file -> Make a copy.
  3. Edit the copy as needed.
  4. Work hard and have fun.

Best of luck!

1-Year Plan for UPSC CSE 2024

1 Year Plan for CSE 2024
Daily Plan Date,Day,General Studies Topic,Current Affairs,Optional Subject ,CSAT Practice15 June,Thursday,Resource collection16 June,Friday,Resource collection17 June,Saturday,Resource collection18 June,Sunday,Resource collection19 June,Monday,Indian PolityTextbook for Class-XI (Indian Con…

UPSC Essentials 2024

The ONE Course for UPSC CSE 2024.

Cover material from GS Foundation to Advance. Includes:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Live classes for Prelims + Mains
  3. Test series for Prelims + Mains
  4. CSAT classes and practice workbook
  5. Current Affairs classes
  6. Answer Writing Guidance

(NEW) Mains 2023 Progress Tracker

Mains 2023 Prep Tracker -
Progress Paper,Reading Status,Notes Status,PYQ Status,Marks,FeedbackGS1GS2GS3GS4Optional P1Optional P2

With a sample tracker for Sociology optional as well.

(NEW) Prelims Progress Tracker Progress Tracker
Overview Subject,Progress Bar,RemarksPolityEconomyEnvironmentGeographyScience & TechHistoryCurrent affairsCSAT MathsCSAT LRCSAT Comprehension

Other Data Sheets

UPSC Prelims 2023 Analysis Sheet

Prelims 2023 Analysis
Set B Q. No.,Solution,Difficulty,Subject,Type1,A,02 Medium,AMC,Direct2,B,01 Easy,AMC,Fancy Options3,B,03 Hard,AMC,Direct4,D,03 Hard,AMC,Direct5,D,02 Medium,AMC,Fancy Options6,B/C,03 Hard,AMC,Fancy Options7,B,01 Easy,AMC,Direct8,A,03 Hard,AMC,Direct9,C,01 Easy,AMC,Direct10,D,01 Easy,Modern

Themes in Prelims 2011-22
Overview Subject,Themes,12 Year Q Count,Average Qs,Expected marks 2023Polity,7,159,13.3,26.6Economy,6,142,11.8,23.6Science & Tech,4,108,9,18Environment,6,208,17.3,34.6Geography,7,199,16.6,33.2History,6,211,17.6,35.2