Daily Practice Questions - Sample

We are starting with Modern Indian History lectures today (taught by Abhijeet Y sir).

In our Prelims 360 course, after every lecture we will share Daily Practice Questions - These questions will be based on topics covered in class (Sample of Lecture 1 given above).

These questions will give you real time assessment of your preparation level. Based on the score you can discuss your future strategy with our mentors - making you holistically ready for UPSC Prelims!

In last week, we discussed general aspects of UPSC Prep. Today we are starting with first core subject i.e. Modern Indian History.

We have last few seats remaining in our current batch of Prelims 360+ Mentorship Course. If you still wish to join it, visit  https://courses.upscprep.com/prelims360/

This course consists of

  1. GS 360 - Complete coverage cum revision of GS Prelims subjects
  2. CSAT 360 - Complete coverage cum revision of CSAT for Prelims
  3. Prelims Test Series - GS (16 tests ) + CSAT (5 tests)
  4. Current affairs coverage through weekly sessions
  5. One to one mentorship
  6. Weekly doubts day access!
  7. Daily Practice Questions (DPQs) based on the lecture taught.

Note - admissions are on first come basis.. We have limited seats remaining in current batch!

Know more about Prelims 360+Mentorship Course

Prelims 360 + Mentorship from UPSCprep.com | Simplify your UPSC journey!
StructurePrelims 360 Course includes GS 360 - Complete coverage cum revision of GS Prelims subjectsCSAT 360 - Complete coverage cum revision of CSAT for PrelimsPrelims Test Series - includes both GS (16 tests )and CSAT (5 tests)Current affairs coverage through weekly sessionsOne to one mentors…
Prelims 360 + Mentorship Course
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