Brainstorming the Essay

Topic - Education

How to Brainstorm UPSC Essay topic?

Example - If topic is related to education - you can expand it in following way-

  • Nature of education:
    1. Primary / Secondary / Tertiary
    2. Technical / Non Technical
    3. School / Home Education / Peer Learning / Experiential Learning
    4. Private vs Public
  • Education to whom:
    • Adult vs Child
    • Girls / Boys
  • Do we think about?
    • Transgender education
    • education in jail for inmates
    • education for kids of workers like in brick kiln
    • education for mentally special kids
    • education for divyang kids
    • PVTGs and Tribal Kids
  • What do we have to teach?
    • Life saving skills as well
    • Culture/ ethos / scientific temper (DPSP mention)
    • Protection of nature / wildlife
    • Respect for human life particularly for female dignity
    • Educating for empowerment and equity
    • Learning how to learn (Margaret Mead Quote)
    • Tools for healthy, happy and fulfilling life- eg. Yoga, Meditation
  • What can be medium?
    • Online medium / offline medium
    • Peer learning
    • taking to places of cultural importance like museums/ exposure to Olympiads and exhibitions
    • Experiential learning- learning by actually doing. Eg. agriculture, marketing
  • Developing their cognitive functionalities to ask the right Q and self discover the Answer with help from teacher
  • Best practices
    • Delhi Model Schools/ Unayan Banka Model / Gyanoday Godda model
  • Surveys
    • NAS / Pratham does the survey as well / different state surveys etc
  • Commercialization of education
  • Difference between literacy and education- development of knowledge v/s character
  • Role of family, society, peers to inculcate values, civic sense
  • Nai taleem of Gandhiji
  • Rote learning, marks rewarded for reproducing what is taught not understanding why? Less emphasis on the intellectual and spiritual role of education in Indian education system
  • Mismatch between curricula and industry's needs
  • Educated practicing patriarchy and caste system (lack of value education)
  • Flaws in Indian R&D system which lets plagiarism happen
  • Continuous learning not emphasised in our education system
  • Low value given to research vis a vis package
  • Start ups being seen as undesirable endeavours by parents and failure of them seen as taboo in society
  • Disagreeing with teacher is seen as being rude but education should teach dissent
  • Schooling promoting materialism
  • Need for adaptive learning, knowledge creation by children and learning by doing for children
  • Education to instill constitutional morality into pupil, role of education to inculcate values of public service, sympathy, empathy, compassion, integrity, honesty, tolerance, justice, truthfulness, love caring, humanitarianism, trusteeship, social unity, altruism, EQUITY, REDISTRIBUTION, benevolence, philanthropy and in the students
  • Aware and mature electorate through political education of masses- not go for vote bank politics
  • Macaulay’s Minute on Education- universities still produce clerks for government administration and not innovators of the future.


These are all random pointers - (fodder material). Now, based on exact topic, you can arrange relevant points from above material to write a orderly, concise and relevant essay!

Try writing a essay on topic related to education now. Also, start to think in multiple dimensions as shown above. It'll help you write uniqe and interesting essays! Happy learning.

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