How to prepare for UPSC Personality Test?

Interview preparation has following buckets:

  1. DAF
  2. Optionals
  3. Current Affairs
    Out of these three buckets, DAF has various aspects like your hobbies, interests, work experience (if any), educational background, state from which you come from, parents background, etc.

• Aspects of DAF will also have linkages to Current Affairs.
E.g. A candidate with medical background may get questions relating to Pandemic, vaccine, vaccine diplomacy, etc.

• Optional may also have a linkage to current affairs
E.g. Economics optional may get question like Nobel Laureate for Economics or Monetary Policy, Exchange rate related questions and so on.

Some thumb rules for personality test —

  • Be honest in your responses, if you don't know the answer, say you don't know, don't bluff!
  • They are checking if you have the ability to operate at a position of responsibility
  • It's a personality test and not a test of information or knowledge, they are checking if you balance your judgement, if you can withstand stress, if you can look at all aspects of a problem, are you solution oriented person, your ability to handle dilemmas, etc.
  • Your responses are expected to be poised, calm, you are expected to be polite and cordial  in your interaction
  • It is expected from you to behave like a bureaucrat - upholding Indian constitution and laws, attitude towards Public service, honesty, Integrity etc.