Important Personalities in Indian History

Important Personalities in Indian History

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Bhagat Singh

  • Established Punjab Naujawan Bharat Sabha (1926)
    • Formulated on the socialist principles
    • to carry out political work among the youth, peasants and workers
  • Organised Lahore Students' Union along with Sukhdev for open, legal work among students.
  • Killed Saunders in Lahore (along with Azad and Rajguru) (Dec 1928)
  • Threw bomb in Central Legislative Assembly (along with Batukeshwar datta) (April 1929)
  • Fully and consciously secular person
  • Later, Bhagat Singh had moved away from belief in terrorism and individual heroic action to Marxism and the belief that a popular broad-based movement alone could lead to a successful revolution.
  • Tried in Lahore Conspiracy Case (killing of Saunders)
  • Hanged on March 23, 1931

Subhash Chandra Bose

  • Opposed Nehru report. Ardent supporter of complete independence
  • Formed Independence League
  • Man of action and radical ideas.
  • Instrumental in setting National Planning Committe
  • Congress president for 1938-39. Resigned in April 1939 over the ideological differences from Gandhi
  • Formed Forward Bloc (at Makur, Unnao) in May 1939 as a new party within congress
  • Believed in Upanishadic teachings
  • Wanted Industrial India on socialist lines
  • Passed Indian Civil Service Examination
  • Mayor of Calcutta (1923)
  • Political Guru: Chittaranjan Das
  • He conveyed Anti-Compromise Conference at Ramgarh in March 1940- So as to oppose British War Efforts
  • Freedom Army (Mukti Sena): With the help of Hitler; consisting of Indian PoW captured by Germany and Italy
  • Free India Center (Germany): Gave Slogan Jai Hind
  • Began regular broadcast from Berlin Radio (Jan 1942)
  • People of Germany called him Netaji
  • Became Supreme Commander of INA (Aug 25, 1943)
  • Oct., 21, 1943- Formed Provincial government of free India at Singapore (H.C Chatterjee: Finance) (M.A. Aiyar: Broadcasting) (Laxmi Swaminathan: Women dept)
  • INA HQ shifted to Rangoon-- "Delhi Chalo!" (Jan 1944)
  • July 6, 1944: Called Gandhi Father of Nation from Azad Hind Radio

Rasbehari Bose

  • Bomb attack on Viceroy Hardinge along with Sachin Sanyal (1912)
  • Leading figure in Gadr Revolution
  • Zimmerman Plan along with Bagha Jatin (1913)- failed!
  • Fled from India to Tokyo in 1915
  • Founded India Club at Tokyo
  • Created Indian Independence League (Tokyo, 1942)
  • INA placed under Indian Independence League (Chairman: Rasbehari Bose)
  • Transferred leadership of Indian Independence League and INA to Subhash Bose (July 1943)

Sachin Sanyal

  • Dec. 1912: Bomb attack on Viceroy Hardinge along with Rasbehari Bose
    • Delhi Conspiracy Case
  • Formed Hindustan Republic Association/Army along with Ramprasad Bismil, Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee (1924)
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