It's all in the head! | Last minute tips for UPSC Mains 2023

4 Simple tips to help you perform up to your potential during UPSC Mains

Mains 2023 is coming over this weekend.

You've already got a ton to do, so lets get straight to the point. Here are 4 last minute tips for you to perform up to your potential.

Stay in the zone.

Don't let a few missed questions or a poorly written essay derail your focus. The outcome of UPSC Mains is not determined by any one paper.

Stay in the zone for the next 10 days. Don't be weighed down by the performance in the last paper, just focus on the question in front of you.

Be present in each moment and you will be fine.

Strategic Breaks

If you feel that you're freezing up during the exam, take a water/washroom break.

Most candidates feel time pressure during Mains and when they forget a few points, it's easy to panic. Remind yourself that this is normal and can happen to anyone and everyone.

Taking a short break helps reset your brain state.

Now someone might argue that as it is there's a time crunch and here I am suggesting taking a break. But keep in mind that that 2 min break will save you 20 minutes of panic.

See the bigger picture, take that break.

Last minute revision.

If you get the time to do it, great. But if you don't, that's okay.

Your primary focus over this weekend of exams is to ensure that you get adequate rest. Your priority should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep and plenty of nutritious food and water.

After that, if you have time left, revise all you want.

But first comes rest.

Guiding your mind

During the exam, in the break between paper, and even at home/hostel, your mind will continue to play games with you. That's normal.

Nothing can stop that, it's how our hunter gatherer brains have evolved.

However, while you can't control what thought enters your head, you do control how long those thoughts stays there. Don't let them overstay their welcome.

Guide your mind, don't seek to control it.

The self doubt will come, count on it.
But KNOW that you are stronger than your fears.

That's all folks!

Best of luck for CSM 2023!

- Abhijeet Yadav & the team

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