Last Week Before Prelims

Some essential housekeeping.

If you have been working hard so far, and have been revising your subjects and analysing your tests, UPSC Prelims 2024 is still going to be tough as nails.

But given your effort you should be able to increase your chances of success. Nothing is for granted, but consistent effort in the right direction does bear fruit more often than not.

All the best for Prelims 2024. May this be your last attempt.

For the last week here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep over the next week.

Also, the exam will start at 9:30 AM so ensure that you set your sleeping schedule straight in this last week.

You don’t want to be lying awake in your bed on Saturday.

2. Tests

Whether you’ve given 10 or 100 tests so far, great work.

But don’t give any more tests in the last week.

Consolidate what you have learnt so far. Drill down on areas that you found to be weak for you and see how you can shore them up in the next few days. Ensure that the mistakes you made in the tests don’t repeat in the exam.

3. Anxiety

We get anxious when we are fixated on a future that we think we cannot control.

If you keep wondering whether you will pass or fail, you will only increase your stress and anxiety levels. Instead:

  1. Focus on revision.
  2. Focus on running through your test mistakes, so that you don’t repeat those.
  3. Focus on your mental and physical health, meditate and exercise daily.

Focus on your present efforts and you will find your anxiety melting away.

And in the end, remember, if you clear Prelims you will need to handle a lot more stress and pressure before you’re done.

Not just for Mains, but in service as well.

4. Faith

Finally, have faith.

Believe in the effort that you have put in so far.

Believe in your ability to take calculated risks during the exam.

Believe that you have got what it takes, and take the leap.

All the best!

Go make yourself proud!

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