Nausheen AIR 9, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Nausheen AIR 9, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Nausheen secured the ninth rank in the UPSC CSE 2023. Here you can find her notes and resources and download them.

Nausheen Maps, Mnemonics and Organisations Notes

24-year-old Nausheen, hailing from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, secured the 9th rank in her fourth attempt at the UPSC civil services examination. A graduate of Delhi University's Khalsa College, her success was fueled by her insightful response during the personality test, where she discussed her passion for topics like the impacts of colonization. Despite setbacks, she persisted, even enrolling in coaching at Jamia Millia Islamia's Residential Coaching Academy to enhance her skills. Her journey reflects not only academic preparation but also personal growth, resilience, and a balanced approach to life. Nausheen's achievement adds to the diversity in civil services, highlighting the power of perseverance and passion in realizing one's aspirations.

Details about the Coaching she attended and the Test Series she took are given below.

She has never taken any formal coaching and has been in Jamia Residential Coaching Academy since Nov 2021.

Test series: Essay Tests of Next IAS, Level Up Test series of History Optional

Mock interview: Jamia RCA, Bano IAS, Vajiram and Ravi, 1 to 1 with Ravindran Sir

To download Nausheen's Environment and Maps notes, register here

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