Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional

Answer writing courses for Sociology

Sociology Mentorship (NO Tests)

Mentorship + detailed orientation session for both sociology papers.

NOTE: This program does NOT contain any test. Sumbit a test that you have given elsewhere or your attempt at PYQs for re-assessment.

Admissions open, limited seats.

Sociology Test Series + Mentorship

Choose between 4/8 tests with one to one mentorship & detailed sessions on both sociology papers.

Admissions open, limited seats.

4 Tests + Mentorship

8 Tests + Mentorship

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Sociology Daily Answer Writing + Mentorship

Choose between 4 weeks/8 weeks (5 days a week), with detailed orientation session on both socio papers.

Admissions open, limited seats.

4 weeks + Mentorship

8 weeks + Mentorship

Other courses

Courses for UPSC Prelims, Mains, Optional
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