Sociology Topics from Harlambos

To be covered from Harlambos (Blue book)

Table of contents

Harlambos and Holborn is a reference book that is often used while preparing for the sociology optional. It's a more than 1500 page book that covers the breadth of the subject.

But for UPSC CSE purposes you don't need to do the entire book.

All that you need to cover are these topics ticked below.

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Introduction - Sociological Perspectives

Chapter 1 - Social Stratification

Chapter 2 - Sex and Gender

Chapter 3 - 'Race', Ethnicity and Nationality

Chapter 4 - Poverty, Social Exclusion, and the Welfare State

Chapter 6 - Crime and Deviance

Chapter 7 - Religion

Chapter 8 - Families and Households

Chapter 9 - Power, Politics and the State

Chapter 14 - Methodology

Chapter 15 - Sociological theory

This will form the foundation for your understanding of sociology, which must then be supplemented by other resources.

Best of luck!

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