Ethics Case Studies

Framework based approach to solve case studies

Approach towards the problem

Approach A

  1. Knowing and understanding the issue
  2. Reasons
  3. Stakeholders
  4. Steps to be taken

Approach B

  1. Recognize facts of the case
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Moral Issues/dilemmas/conflict of interest
  4. Alternatives available
  5. Evaluation of alternatives based on moral point of view
  6. Best option - based on morals, justice, common good, consequences, means, etc

Principles to keep in mind while resolving ethical dilemma

  • Constitutional values
  • Rule of law
  • Justice to all
  • Sarvodaya- progress of all
  • Public exchequer- a source of salaries and other benefits
  • Selflessness- to put societal interest at priority. Eg. IPS Narendra Kumar laid down his life while fighting mining mafias
  • Integrity- to have high moral standards in every situation, and a desire to stick to these standards
  • Courage- to not bog downed by threats. Eg. IES Satyandra dube- exposed financial irregularities in road construction
  • Public service
  • Social ethics
  • Utilitarianism- greatest good of greatest number
  • Empathy towards weaker sections
  • Gandhian talisman

How to justify any action

  • Is it legal? - Based on Rule of law and/or Natural justice
  • Balance of merits and demerits of an action
  • Is is right?

LIAR framework to justfy any action


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