Types of Governments

Based on the mode of governance, goverments can be classified in following types:

⦿ Empire

the state is controlled by a single ruler. The Emperor or Empress has absolute say in what happens within the government. Empires can be made up of small states with their own forms of government.

Eg. Mughal Empire during Medieval period in India

⦿ Monarch

The state is ruled by a king or queen. Succession is determined by birthright. A family will rule for several generations.

Eg. British Royal family in England

⦿ Dictatorship

This is another system with a single ruler. oppressive regimes where individual freedoms are strictly limited by the state.

Eg. Germany during Hitler's regime

⦿ Democracy

The majority rules no matter what. Decisions are made by voting, where almost every citizen takes part.

Eg. Gram sabha in Panchayati Raj Institutions

⦿ Republic

Decisions are voted on by a representative. Voters elect members of the government to make decisions in their best interest.

Eg. India

⦿ Theocracy

Religious leaders rule in the name of god. No separation between the church and the state. Laws are governed by religious doctrine.

Eg. Vatican city

⦿ Confederation

Like a federation, but the centralized government is weaker than the local governments.

⦿ Federation

States organized by central government. Each states manages their internal affairs. The central government outweighs the state governments.


⦿ Oligarchy

Power is vested in a small group of elite individuals. people with wealth, nobility, or miltary power

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