PYQs for UPSC Prelims - CAPF, CDS, Geo Scientist

PYQs for UPSC Prelims - CAPF, CDS, Geo Scientist

Should one refer to these papers for UPSC Prelims?

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What is this about?

You might have come across a bunch of YouTube videos and seniors advocating to go through the last 1-2 years' worth of CDS, CAPF and Geo Scientist PYQs to discover additional questions and topics.

They would also have said that these questions add value to your Prelims preparation.

Do they?

Should you do it?

Firstly, we believe you should prioritise and solve the UPSC PYQs from the last 10-12 years thoroughly. You shouldn't seek out other PYQ sources until you have completed this exercise.

You can find Abhijeet Yadav's take on this here.

When should you do it?

When you have completed the 10-12 years of UPSC PYQs and are looking to add further value, as well as, test your preparation, you should definitely check out these papers.


We have compiled all the relevant questions from CAPF CDS and Geo-Scientist PYQs. Download and go through them.

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