Abhinav Jain AIR 35, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Abhinav Jain AIR 35, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Abhinav Jain secured the 35th rank in the UPSC CSE 2023. Here you can find his notes and resources and download them.

Abhinav Jain Polity and Governance Notes

Abhinav Jain, from Delhi, secured AIR 35 in the UPSC CSE 2023. He graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Delhi Technological University and worked as a software developer in Bangalore. Seeking to make a societal impact, he pursued Civil Services.

In his first attempt, Abhinav didn't clear the prelims due to an underestimation of the exam. In his second attempt, he achieved a rank of 268 and joined IRS (C&IT). Determined to improve, he dedicated himself fully to his third attempt, cutting out distractions like social media, and successfully secured AIR 35. Abhinav's journey is a testament to resilience and focused preparation, inspiring aspirants to achieve their goals with dedication.

To download Abhinav Jain's Ethics and History notes, register here.

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