Animesh Verma AIR 38, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Animesh Verma AIR 38, CSE' 23 UPSC Notes and Resources

Animesh Verma secured the 38th rank in the UPSC CSE 2023. Here you can find his notes and resources and download them.

Animesh Verma CSAT Notes

Animesh Verma's remarkable journey to securing All India Rank 38 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination is a testament to resilience and the power of learning from one's mistakes.

In his first attempt, Animesh faced setbacks that could have easily discouraged many. However, he viewed these challenges as opportunities for growth. By reflecting on his mistakes and embracing a mindset of continuous self-improvement, Animesh honed his strategies and strengthened his resolve. His unwavering determination, combined with a commitment to hard work and perseverance, led him to triumph in his second attempt.

Animesh's story is not just about success but about the journey of transformation, turning failures into stepping stones and proving that perseverance and dedication can lead to extraordinary achievements. His journey stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all aspiring candidates.

Details about the Coaching he attended and the Test Series he took are given below.

Test series: VisionIAS

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