Mains 2023: Test series + Mentorship

This test series is specifically of Mains 2023 - valid till Sept 2023.

If you want a long duration test series, check our Mains 2024 test series.


  • Option to choose traditional evaluation (written feedbacks) or Live evaluation (mentor will evaluate the paper in front of you on a zoom a call - you will get recording of this session)
  • Individual mentorship → Zoom session after every test → mentor will discuss your doubts as well as give you guidance based on your answer paper
  • Frameworks/model answers of all the tests will be provided + Post Test Discussion
  • Mains Answer writing workshop for GS 1, GS 2 and GS 3 - Booklist, strategy, approach to answer writing etc.
  • Ethics Theory Workshop
  • Ethics Case Study Approach Workshop
  • Essay Writing Workshop
  • Special sessions by UPSC Toppers - Mains Mindset, Art of Answer writing, etc.
  • Important value addition material will be provided
  1. Workbooks for GS and Essay
  2. QEP sessions across the G.S. - 2 sessions for each GS  -  First session is specifically for intro and conclusion - Second session is for body/framework.
  • 20% discount on all test series if you clear Prelims (if you join the test series before results, we will refund you 20% once results are declared!)
  • 50% discount if you have appeared to UPSC CSE Interview before
  • 10% discount on all future courses till 1 year.
  • Course validity - 30th Sept 2023
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