Prelims Daily MCQs - Indian Polity (31 March)

1.  Consider following statements with respect to change in status of a territory.

Acquiring or ceding of a territory by the nation requires amendment under Art 368.

Altering area which comes under a state requires a simple amendment of the Constitution.

Choose the correct statement(s).

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Ans: c

Exp: Berubari union 1960 case – 9th Amendment to the Constitution enabled this agreement between India and (East) Pakistan. Altering area or changing name of any state doesn’t require amendment under Art 368.

2.  Consider the following statement.

  1. Decisions in the Cabinet are taken by consensus.
  2. Decisions in the Council of Ministers (CoM) are not necessarily taken by consensus.
  3. As per the Constitution, only the President can subscribe oath to the ministers.

Choose the correct statement(s).

a) 2 and 3 only

b) 1, 2 and 3

c) 1 and 2 only

d) 1 and 3 only

Ans: a

Exp: Decisions in both the Cabinet and CoM are not necessarily taken by consensus. Third statement is correct.

3.  Which of the following languages is not mentioned in the eighth schedule?

a) English

b) Nepali

c) Sanskrit

d) Sindhi

Ans: a

Exp: Languages under the eighth schedule – 1) Assamese, (2) Bengali, (3) Gujarati, (4) Hindi, (5) Kannada, (6) Kashmiri, (7) Konkani, (8) Malayalam, (9) Manipuri, (10) Marathi, (11) Nepali, (12) Oriya, (13) Punjabi, (14) Sanskrit, (15) Sindhi, (16) Tamil, (17) Telugu, (18) Urdu (19) Bodo, (20) Santhali, (21) Maithili and (22) Dogri.

4. Which of the following statements regarding the Prime Minister of India are correct:

In the case of the death of the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha is dissolved automatically.

In the case of resignation by the Prime Minister, the Council of Minister is dissolved automatically.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a) 2 only

b) 1 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither I nor 2

Ans: a

Exp: The correct option is (a) 2 only.

Statement 1 is incorrect. In the event of the death of the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha is not dissolved automatically. The Council of Ministers continues to function until the President appoints a new Prime Minister.

Statement 2 is correct. In the case of the resignation of the Prime Minister, the entire Council of Ministers is deemed to have resigned. The President has to accept the resignation of the Prime Minister and then ask the Council of Ministers to continue as a caretaker government until a new Prime Minister is appointed. The new Prime Minister will then advise the President on the appointment of Ministers.

5. Constituent Assembly is the bedrock of the Indian Constitution.

With reference to the above statement, consider the following:

  1. The idea for a Constituent Assembly was proposed in Dec 1934 by N. Madhava Rao.
  2. The Constituent Assembly was formed under the Cabinet Mission Plan.
  3. The members of the Constituent Assembly were directly elected by the electorates of Indian Provinces.
  4. When India became independent, the number of members of the Constituent Assembly was less than the original number of representatives.

Which of the statements given above are incorrect?

a) 1 and 2 only

b) 2 and 3 only

c) 1 and 3 only

d) 2 and 4 only

Ans: c


  • In 1934, M N Roy proposed the idea of a constituent assembly. Hence statement 1 is incorrect.
  • Section 8 of the Indian Independence Act of 1947 established the Assembly.
  • The Constituent Assembly of India was established in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet Mission Plan of May 1946. Hence statement 2 is correct.
  • The members of this assembly were elected indirectly, i.e., by the members of the provincial assemblies using the method of a single transferable vote of prop. Hence statement 3 is incorrect.
  • The princely states' representatives were to be chosen by the princely states' heads.
  • The declaration of Partition of India caused the greatest change in membership.
  • As a result of the partition, under the Mountbatten plan, a separate Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was established on 3 June 1947. The representatives of the areas incorporated into Pakistan ceased to be members of the Constituent Assembly of India. Hence statement 4 is correct.

6. In a calendar, which among the following are the probable dates of a Second Sunday of a month?

  1. 7
  2. 8
  3. 14
  4. 15

Select the correct option from below :

a) 1 and 2

b) 2 and 3

c) 3 and 4

d) 1 and 4

Ans: b

Exp: From dates 1 to 7, all days of a week will come for the first time. From 8 to 14 there come the days of a week for the second time. Thus, even Second Sunday will come from 8 to 14.

7. Two years ago, the average age of Arun, Bala & Chitra was 30 years. The present average age of Arun & Bala is 25 years. 4 years hence, the average age of Chitra & Dinesh would be 43 years. What is the present age of Dinesh?

a) 30 Years

b) 32 Years

c) 34 Years

d) 36 Years

Ans: b


2 years ago, total age of Arun + Bala + Chitra =90

their present age =90+6=96

So age of Chitra = 96-50=46

4 years hence, the total age of Chitra & Dinesh would be =86 years

So present age of Chitra & Dinesh =86-8=78

So present age of Dinesh = 78-46=32

Cover the entire CSAT syllabus in 70 hours.

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