Sociology Daily Answer Writing (22-07-2022)

Socioloy Answer Writing - UPSC CSE

Week 4 - Day 5

Question-cum-Answer Booklet

Model Structure

1. What is Geriatrics? Write a sociological analysis of problems associated with Geriatric population? 20

2. Explain the crisis of development and major consequences of development related displacement in India. 10

Model Structure 1.


● Geriatrics is a medical term and it is related to the healthcare for elderly people above the age of 60. The advances in the medical facilities have increased the life expectancy of people and there has been a phenomenal growth of elderly population in the world. By 2050 it is expected that the elderly population would be around 22%. The world needs to gear up to understand the issue of geriatrics and how to meaningfully engage them.

Main Body

The problem associated with Geriatrics population:

● Personal issues of Geriatrics population

○ Economic hardship and dependency.

○ Mental changes including impairment of memory

○ Chronic health issues like BP, Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes etc.

○ Need for constant care

○ Neglect in society and family.

○ Violence

● Issue for a country

○ Increased healthcare costs for the country.

○ More dependent population leading to stagnation of economy as witnessed in developed countries.

○ Increasing pension costs for the governments.

Way Forward

  1. Creating a social structure to engage the elderly population in meaningful ways such as in teaching, consultancy etc where they can use their experience and also contribute to society.
  2. Age for retirement can also be increased so as to decrease the cost for an economy.
  3. A robust healthcare network to provide quality healthcare.
  4. Increased insurance cover to mitigate any economic hardship.

Model Structure 2.


● Crisis of Development is a paradoxical situation which refers to the development combined with its negative fallouts → manifested in form of displacement, loss of livelihood, emotional trauma, migration, environmental damage and inequality

Main Body

● Consequences

○ Displacement has a domino effect and primary displacement also leads to secondary and tertiary displacement.

○ It also results in disruption in kinship relations,

○ Gender impacts-exploitation of women and children

○ Changing Mode of Production and loss of livelihood.

○ Family and kinship ties also become fragile in a process of displacement.

○ Cultural conflict also ensues when the displaced people move to other areas.

  1. Eg. Son of Soil movement

○ Displacement of people engaged in agriculture leads to conversion of people from self cultivators to non-agricultural wage labourers.

○ The displaced people also find it difficult to adjust with the new ecology of the place where they go → Leads to Alienation

○ Poverty incidences also increase as livelihood is disrupted.

○ Tribes and ethnic groups are often at the receiving end.

○ Displacement also leads to cultural threat to ethnic groups like tribes as they face extreme situations like isolation and assimilation.)

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