Sociology Daily Answer Writing (25-07-2022)


Model Solutions

1. Write a short note on Sociology and its relationship with Economics and Political Science. 20

2. Clarify the correlation between Common Sense and Sociology. 10

Model Structure 1.


● Definition of Sociology

● Sociology - the mother of all social science

Main Body

A. Sociology and Economics

● Define Economics

● Divergence between the two -

○ Scope of Study (society vs. utilization of resources)

○ Types of Research methods

○ Focus of the subject

○ Sociology have emerged relatively recently

● Convergence between the two -

○ Marx - MoP, Economic Base structure

○ Weber - Spirit of Protestant ethic and Rise of capitalism

○ Durkheim - Division of Labour

○ Origin of caste can be analysed by studying economic DoL in Jajmani system

○ Current Examples -

  1. Budgetary allocation for social development
  2. Amartya Sen's capability approach

B. Sociology and Political Science-

● Define of Political Science

● Divergence between the two -

○ Scope of Study - (Society vs State)

○ Types of Research methods

○ Subject matter (codified, related to power in Pol Science; Open-ended, stresses interrelation of social institutions in Sociology)

○ Focus of the subject - (Social actions vs Power)

○ Sociology have emerged relatively recently

● Convergence between the two -

○ Sociological investigation for policy forming

○ Max Weber developed sociological theory of authority and power in his study on Bureaucracy

○ Sociological analysis of voting pattern, Identity politics

○ Morris Ginsberg- Historically sociology has its roots in politics and Philosophy of History.

○ Sociological concepts such as religion, caste, ethnicity, etc used for political mobilisation. Eg. Maratha agitations in Maharashtra

○ C.W. Mills, Immanuel Wallerstein

○ Indian Context - M.N.Srinivas Dominant caste, Rajni Kothari

● Current Examples -

○ Study of caste identity in politics (AJGAR, Muslim-Yadav Vote banks, etc)

○ Issue of tribal autonomy


● Scope of the disciplines evolve with time and mutually reinforcing each other, to flourish together

Model Structure 2.


● Define Common sense and Sociology

Main Body

Compare and contrast the both

● Sociology- Not Common Sense (common sense vs sociology)

○ Nature of findings: Cues from surface Vs Looking out for interconnectedness

○ Nature of Observations: Assumptions, individualistic, culturally determined Vs Organized skepticism, tested thoughts.

○ Orientation: Status-quoist, unreflective Vs Change oriented and reflective

○ Positivist argues that common sense and sociology is different

● Sociology- Common Sense (Similarities between them -Moore & Reid)

○ Concepts in sociology been framed by taking common sense knowledge into consideration

○ Common sense helps in building sociological hypotheses.

○ It also provides raw material for sociological investigation

○ Non-positivists (phenomenology, ethnomethodology) consider common sense as a part of sociology.


● At first, it was rejected by positivists like Durkheim; Some see it as complementary;

● Post-modernist see sociological knowledge as no superior to common sense.

● Thus, the relation between sociology and common sense is dynamic and even mutually reinforcing at times.

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