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Practice Questions

1. If l, b, h of cuboid are 12, 9 and 10 cm respectively. Find total surface area in cm^2 .

a. 636

b. 416

c. 256

d. 318

2. A rectangular water tank measures 15x6 m at top and is 10m deep. It is full of water. if water is drawn out lowering the level by 1m, then find how much water has been drawn out.

a. 110m3

b. 90m3

c. 100m3

d. 105m3

3. The hall is 15 m long and 12 m broad. If the sum of the areas of the floor and the ceiling is equal to the sum of the areas of four walls, the volume of the hall is

a. 1100m3

b. 1500m3

c. 1200m3

d. 1005m3

4. Edge of a cube is 5cm. find its total surface area and lateral surface area.

a. 150

b. 100

c. 200

d. 300 sq. cm

5. The surface area of a cube is 600 cm2. the length of its diagonal is:

a. 10/√3 cm

b. 10/√2 cm

c. 10/√3 cm

d. 10/√2 cm

6. Find the volume, if the surface area of a cube is 150 sq. cm?

a. 100 cu. cm

b. 125 cu. cm

c. 200 cu. cm

d. 50 cu. cm

7. Find the weight of a pipe with the following dimensions – exterior diameter is 17 cm, interior diameter is 15 cm and length is 1000 cm. one cubic cm of iron is 0.9 grams.

a. 46.23kg

b. 45.23kg

c. 23.45kg

d. 23.46kg

8. The curved surface area of a cylinder is thrice the area of its base. if “r” is the radius of the base and “h” is its height, then r:h is

a. 3:2

b. 4:3

c. 2:3

d. 3:4

9. A rectangular is sheet of 50*100 cm is rolled into a cylinder of height 50 cm. The cost of painting is ₹50 per meter square. What will be the cost of painting the outer surface area of the cylinder in ₹?

a. 1000 π

b. 2000 π

c. 750 π

d. 500 π

10. Find the volume of the largest possible sphere circumscribed by a cube of edge 8 cm.

a. 16 π

b. 64 π

c. 32π

d. 128 π

11. If the radius of a sphere is decreased by 24 %, by what % surface area will decrease.

a. 48%

b. 42.2 %

c. 48.2%

d. 40%

12. Cylinder’s radius is 12cm filled up to depth of 20cm. A spherical ball is dropped, level raised by 6.75. What’s the radius of the ball.

a. 9cm

b. 3cm

c. 12cm

d. 6cm

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