UPSC Mains Daily Answer Writing - 22 September (GS 1)


  1. Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society.  (10)
  2. Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children. (10)

Model Solutions

1. Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society. 10

Core demand: Write reasons for increasing women suicide. Give data and examples to substantiate your arguments.. Analyze from multiple dimensions with special focus on young women.

Model Structure

  • Data/ Report-
  • According to the Global Health Data Exchange, India has the highest suicide rate among young and middle-aged women for countries with similar socio-demographics.
  • According to data by the National Crime Records Bureau, 22,372 housewives took their own lives in 2020 - an average of 61 per day, or one every 25 minutes.

Main Body

  • Early marriage
  • Gender based violence for eg: Rape, sexual exploitation.
    • According to government data, nearly 1 in 3 Indian women aged 15 to 49 who have been married have faced domestic abuse, with approximately 3% reporting physical violence during pregnancy.
  • Pressure to give birth to a son
  • Lack of financial autonomy
  • Poverty: Salem, Tamil nadu- Mother jumps in front of moving bus in India to pay children’s fees
  • Role of Pandemic- During Covid we saw a spike in domestic violence, job losses especially domestic workers
  • Student Suicides
  • Mental Health Challenges: Social isolation, A lack of public awareness and poor understanding of depression
  • Double burden of Office and household work
  • Increasing disaster and displacement
    Way forward:
  • Social sensitization
  • Role of SHGs in empowering women
  • Access to mental health care services
  • Strict implementation of laws for crime against women
  • National Suicide Prevention Strategy by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in November 2022.
  • Barmer, Rajasthan Initiative- Anmol Jeevan (precious life) campaign on 10 October 2021, on World Mental Health Day. A 24-hour helpline was set up.


  • Suicide is a complex issue, consisting of psychological and sociological factors. Implementing comprehensive policies can help mitigate the concerning trend of women's suicides in India.

Q 10. Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children. 10

Core demand: Role of mobile phones/ digital exposure on child socialization.

Model Structure

  • Defintion based- Socialization is a process of teaching and transmitting cultural & social norms, and way of life to the new members.
  • Context based- Increased use of smartphones especially during COVID

Main Body
Impact of mobile phone on the socialization of children
Positive impacts-

  • Learning opportunities - for eg: during covid- digital education
  • Exposure and opportunity for creativity- online learning apps of arts, music, and coding
  • Enhanced communication- for eg: video call to both working parents
    Negative impacts
  • Loss of personal relationships with parents and relatives, reduced face to face interaction, isolation
  • Impact on transmission of local cultural norms, family values etc for eg: more inclination towards western culture, deviant behavior (drugs/alcohol abuse)
  • Vulnerable to cyber threats for eg: Privacy and Safety Concerns, Cyberbullying, Child pornography
  • Impact on physical health- for eg: Poor quality sleep, strain on eyes, exposure to cell phone radiation
  • Mental health challenges- depression, anxiety low self esteem
    • New studies also suggest that an hour a day spent with their smartphones plays a significant part in the rise of depression and anxiety among children. Kids and teens who use social media tend to have low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression according to the British Psychological Society.
  • Affects learning abilities
    Way forward
  • Use of technology- setting limits on screen time, child lock.
  • Encouraging outdoor play and physical activities.
  • Face-to-face interactions with peers and family.
  • Monitoring online activities to ensure safety
  • Mobile phones can not replace the traditional cuddling and emotional involvement in the process of child socialisation. However, phone & technology can aid this process.

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